Your local Bayliner dealer is a great source for technical service support and for any parts you may need for your Bayliner.  We do not sell parts direct to the public and we do not establish or have available retail prices for the parts we make available.  Please contact your authorized dealer with any of your questions or for any parts and technical service support you need for your Bayliner.

We do invite you to contact us if for any reason your local Bayliner dealer is unable to help you or if the owner manual you need is not yet available as a download through our Customer Care site.  The hull serial number of your Bayliner is needed to respond to most questions or comments.  These numbers are on the transom, either embossed into the hull or, if your Bayliner is older, stamped into the gunnel molding.

One last thing, if your Bayliner is 1998 or newer and you aren’t the original owner of the boat but want to be added to our owner registration database, please provide your full name and address with the hull number and we will add you to our files.  Having this information available will allow us to contact you any time we have an obsolete part sale, in the unlikely event where your boat becomes involved in a field recall or any other time we have something we want to share with our customers.

We’ll do our best to return your email within 24 hours.  If you need a quicker response our Customer Service phone number is (865) 971-6311


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